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Dear friend, this is the story of my personal walk with our Lord Jesus Christ

I grew up in a Christian home. My parents were strong believers and in their own way, they tried their best to walk the 'narrow road'. If it were not for my father's faith I would not be here today. It all started when my mother became sick with German measles while expecting me years ago, and the doctors suggested an abortion.

This virus is very dangerous virus to pregnant woman and could cause major damage to the unborn child My father did not believe in abortions. He said I will live and my name will be Daniel! My life on earth therefore started with a word of faith!

My ministry (or first real experience with God) happened was while I was attending high school and about 15 years old. It was an agricultural school in Brits, a town about 50 kilometres north of Pretoria. The reason for me attending this school was my dream that time was that one day I would become a farmer.

One day a couple of students from a nearby university came to our school and spoke to the children about Jesus. Not just going to church but having a personal relationship with the Lord by accepting Him as Lord and Saviour. At that stage I am sure I was the same as any average teenage boy, only pray if you needed something from God. That day I realized that I wanted Him in my life and prayed and received Him. The first thing that did come out of it was that a seed of compassion for the elderly waas plantede in my spirit. A few days later we (a couple of us accepted Christ that day) were invited to visit the elderly at an old-age home in town. We did and I enjoyed it very much. Their appreciation was so real. I could listen to them telling the same old stories over and over again. Now years later I am still full time involved with 'yesterday's youth'.

After school I joined the army as all young South African boys had to, was send to our border and was in that environment for 18 months. After my two years of compulsory service was over and having spent most of that time on our border, I was bitter and hard. Even today some of the men of my generation still suffer from emotional damages from that time. It was no joke!  Praise God I was delivered from that bondage in 2006.

I started working in 1979. At this stage of my life I was very far from the Lord.  If you survived the border you feel invincible. Yes I did go to church occasionally but mostly to attend funerals and weddings etc. On a number of occasions I did respond to the ‘alter call’, but the 'seed' fell on bad soil time after time, but praised be to God, He never gave up on me.

I became this hard and unrelenting person, especially at times when I was sick. My wife and children would all ways stay far away from me. I did not want anybody near me. I had no compassion for any one not even for myself.

On Sunday 8th December 1996 we visited a new church in Alberton. This time I really did commit myself to the Lord. I was born-again. Hallelujah. The seed fell on good ground and it started bearing fruit basically immediately. The following Sunday 15/12/1996 God healed my back after someone prayed for me at church. I had a serious back problem since childhood. This firsthand experience of receiving healing had a big effect on my life and ministry.

Couple of weeks later I made an appointment with the Pastor of that church. I believe God sent me to this Pastor and his church. God knew this man could help me and for the first time in my life I found someone I could talk to. I spoke to him that day about a lot of things that nobody even knew about. Praise God he helped me and I got rid of a lot of bitterness and hatred. My life then started changing very fast

My life changed so drastically my children one day asked me in a jokingly manner, 'who are you, where's my Dad?' That's how much my life had changed. In this time I also felt something growing or stirring inside me which I can only describe then was like a kettle of water boiling with a lid on ready to explode. So I went to see my pastor again. I remember the day so clearly. As I sat down in his office he asked me 'Danie what can I do for you? Before I could even explain to him about this funny feeling inside me, the words just burst out of my mouth ‘’'I want to pray for the sick!’’ Immediately I started crying, I was emotional. Me praying for the sick, no way! I hated it when people around me were sick. I always felt irritable even with myself when I was sick

 He smiled stood up and held me. The first time I allowed any man to comfort me. Later on I calmed down and he spoke to me and prayed with me. Suggested that I read and study my Bible more, especially where miracles took place and also to get books from the likes of Benny Hinn, Catherine Cullman etc to name a few. As I was about to leave his office he called me back and said '’Danie sick people are in hospitals!' and laughed because I had told him I hated hospitals.

That night I went to the Union hospital , the biggest private hospital in Alberton, went up to the wards, introduced myself to the sister in charged and said ‘ hello my name is Danie, is there somebody I can pray for’ From that time my life changed 180 degrees. Every night, just before I go to sleep I would pray 'Lord please anoint my hands for healing the sick to glorify Your Name'. I went to hospitals and peoples houses to pray for everybody I became so bold, I would pray for anyone and everything. In the bank, at shopping centres, groceries stores any where. It does not matter. I was looking for someone to pray for. Miracles started to happen, people with cancer got healed, and deaf ears opened, one day a lady screamed '’I felt my migraine falling off’ while praying for her at my home cell Praise God, our Healer.

Where I previously would not visit my own wife in hospital - I would rather send my Mom and oldest brother to visit her.  Now I spend hours and hours with people I don't even know. Holding their hands while they are dying, leading them to the Lord on their death beds. The Danie Joubert I knew before did not exist anymore. From previously attending church only once in a blue moon I was now going not once but twice every Sunday. I joined a home cell group and later had my own, did home visitations and above all got very, very much involved with the elderly, my first love!

In 1999 while staying in Alberton and working at Langlaagte, Johannesburg, I received a phone call at work from a sister from the Union hospital in Alberton. She asked me to please come and visit an elderly lady who just had a heart by-pass operation. I have left my name and cell phone number on a piece of paper at the hospitals near me

That night I visited that old lady. Her name was Lettie. She was born-again but doubt has crept in to her mind and by the Grace of God I could help her to get peace. Praise God that night she was set free from all fears. It was a Friday night. The next week the Monday or Tuesday I received another call from the same sister informing me that this old lady was busy dying and was asking for me. She wanted me to come and sit at her side. I could not get leave from my work to go and be with her in her last hours of need. She died alone that day! My heart was broken

In my lunchtime I went for a walk in the streets. The people in the streets must have thought I was drunk or something. I remember with tears running down my cheeks as I called out to God to help me. 'Please make a way for me to be there for the Lettie's of this world. Lord I don't want to be another Benny Hinn or Ray McCauley or Jimmy Swaggart or Billy Graham. I don't want to save Africa for You. I just want to be there for the little old ladies or gentlemen of this world; in their hour of need that I could be with them. Lord, I don't blame my manager at all. He was not paying me to sit at someone’s sickbed. He had the right to my full attention at work. Please Lord my God, make a way for me to be financially free so that I can do the calling I loved so dearly.

Years passed by and I kept on praying and hoping, nothing happened. In 2002 I moved to Pretoria In 2005 while working as a manager of a TV repairs shop I was invited to join a special Outreach to a big jail in Louis Trichardt a small town in South Africa. This was on the 23rd September 2005. What a wonderful and blessed experience we had that weekend. The authorities at that jail gave about 500 prisoners special permission to attend our special church service. At the ‘alter call’ about 350 inmates responded and gave their hearts to the Lord. That same night I met Pastor Joseph Mutambedzo from Venda who had a couple of churches in the area.

We were staying at his house that weekend during the outreach. The first night he invited me to bring a short message at one of his churches called Begwa.

Pastor Evangelist Tom Furst of America went with us. At Begwa Village I gave a small message as lead by the Holy Spirit of God. Afterwards I invited people to come forward if they need prayers. There were a lot that came forward and for the first time in my life I saw miraculous, instantaneous healing. Jesus also gave me prophetic words for some of the members. That Sunday Pastor Joseph asked me again to bring the Word at Begwa Village.

About seven months later in April 2006 the owner of the repair shop where I worked, ended my employment.. My one sister’s friend was working for the local municipality and she told me there were a couple of positions available. I applied for about five of them. I prayed and asked God to give me favour with the municipality. 

But inside me a small voice started to speak to me. At that stage I was divorced and staying alone in a bachelor flat. I now have no responsibilities; children have all grown up and on their own. This was a good time for me to start living my dream. The dream that started with the Tannie Lettie episode in my life. So I started praying and asking the Lord to help me as I believed I was now ready.

This was a big decision, employment or the ministry. Get employment with benefits and have financial security or step out in faith depending on Him to provide for me. Because of this my nerves started packing up. I could not make a decision and stand by it. One moment full time ministry and then the next moment it would be to get employment. Then one day God gave me Isaiah 30;21 ' ‘if you turn to the left or to the right your ears will hear a voice behind you saying; 'This is the way walk in it' It was God's way of telling me to make a decision.

But I couldn't. My nerves by now were shattered. I could not sleep or eat. I knew whatever decision I make would change my life forever. How do you make a decision like that? I prayed and prayed and begged God to help me. Then one morning, after having got up from another restless night of rolling around and not really sleeping He answered me. Getting dressed the morning, this came into my spirit. ‘’Not everybody is called to follow Me!’ I believe it was for me and an answer to my prayers

I thanked Him and asked if I could put out a fleece as Gideon did. My Mother was staying in the same complex as I did. She always wanted me to go and study first to become a pastor. Although at this stage I was invited to preach at some churches she was not happy. Stating I needed an official document accepted by all denominations. I said Lord whatever my Mother says this morning I will do. I went to her flat, explained to her the latest. She knew my situation and uncertainties up to that point. I said ‘Ma, if I go out today full time I will have to depend on others by the Grace of God to survive. Or I must go and work and see what I will do when another Lettie comes my way. She said '’my son I know, we know where your heart is and at my place there will always be a plate of food for you!’’. That was it; I got down on my knees and prayed, thanking Him that from that moment on I am in His Hands. 

I kept doing as I always did. Go to hospitals, old-age homes, visiting people at their work places, speaking to owners of businesses etc .and He provided Hallelujah!!!!!!!. Some months were tough, very tough and on numerous occasions I felt like quitting but, praise God I held on and survived and even up till today He is still generously providing.

In early January 2007 I had a dream. In my dream, it was like a military environment, a man phoned me and asked me to come down to his office. I had been promoted to an officer and I must come and sign for my badges or insignia. In my dream I went to his office and as I walked in I notice three gentlemen sitting on the left-hand side. He, the man that phoned me was standing at a desk waiting for me. He greeted me and said before I sign a document I must repeat these words three times ''Amos, Domus, Dunamis. I said I don't know the words but he said no problem he will help me and formed the words with his mouth. So I repeated the words three times.  He then gave me a pen to sign and handed over the insignia (officer's lapels) to me and a set of car keys. Praise God I was promoted and a car refers to your ministry. I have been called, promoted and confirmed. I woke up from the dream, and thought to myself, I must write down these words before I forget them. I typed the words on my cell phone and saved them in the outbox. The next morning I phoned my sister Marianne, a pastor. . She asked me to sms the words to her. Later on she phoned me back. Amos means Burden bearer or the responsibility and Domus and Dunamis - power (Holy Spirit power) . I have been promoted, praise God

While visiting some hospitals in Pretoria and especially the Steve Biko hospital, I notice another need people have. Lot of the patients come from smaller towns where the local hospital does not have the facilities for treating certain conditions or do not have the technology or up to date equipment or doctors to perform some operations. Those people are then send to Pretoria to the Steve Biko hospital for treatment or operation. Now all these patients does not have the financial means to stay in hotels or guesthouses. Or can not drive up and down everyday to be with their loved ones. I then started asking God for a house big enough to at least help some of these people for that period of time. Praise be to God, He answered and I am renting a house with two spare bedrooms. Thank you Jesus Hospitals and old age homes, is the biggest part of my ministry. Sometimes I will visit churches on special invitations, or teachings on healing etc.

Sometimes I will do funerals as well

But my first love ‘ the elderly’ is still the best. Just visiting them, comforting, pray with them makes my day as well as theirs. At the one old age home, I have my own little congregation, where I preach every 2nd Wednesday of the month. And then of course, Christmas time. Every year since 2006, we will have a party a week or so before Christmas day. On Christmas day I will bring the message of hope as well. But it is the parties I enjoy. With the help of friends and sponsors, we make it a big day. There will be sweets, and cakes, crisps and cool drinks for each one. Last year 2016, there were even pancakes as well. What a blessing. One dear old lady cried and said the last time she ate a pancake was in 1995. Wow, thank You Jesus for helping me, to spoil them. They also get a packet with sweets and biscuits and small chocolate to take back to their rooms. The members of my congregation also get on Christmas day a small gift. . I hope you have enjoyed this. We are one body; I am the mouth and you the wallet. All the healings and all the salvations are my treasures in heaven, they are mine and! For those that sponsor me. Without sponsorship I cannot do this work.

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